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Monday, February 28, 2005

2005 Academy Awards: Leading Ladies of Hollywood Dress Up and Show Their Flowing Fishtails, Strapless and Backless Gowns

Who Wore What in 2005 Oscar? What Kind of Attention Did They Get?
Prom and Quincenera Young Women Can Outdo some Stars: What matters is Taste!

Cate Blanchett almost stole the show last night. Chris Rock truly had to outdo himself to prevent the likes of Penelope Cruz wearing a drop-down gorgeous primrose yellow gown and Selma Hayek from stealing the show. Any way, Cate wore a fishtail theme, yellow silk Valentino dress with burgundy sash. Bear in mind that strapless gowns and dresses were very popular last night on the red carpet.

Renee Zellweger wore a Carolina Herrera raspberry red gown with ivory tulle trim. For sure, she got lots of attention from the crowd on the red carpet. In the middle of most Americans’ living rooms, most stars who participated in the Oscar awards ceremony got either a thumb up or a thumb down.

Many of my fellow fashion critics believed that Charlize Theron’s fashion designed by Dior was the gown to have.

Cate Blanchett reached down to Valentino who designed her gold silk gown. She turned heads on the red carpet last night. She won as a supporting actress and a good choice of dress selector.

Most fashion observers cheered for Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman, the Israeli-born actress who was discovered in New York. Kate wore a jewel-encrusted Bagdley Mischka frock. Both of these leading ladies wore greek-inspired gowns.

Great that Hilary Swank got the “Best Actress” award for Million Dollar Baby! Her long –sleeved, backless dress was designed by Guy Laroche. The dress was a nice sapphire blue that accentuates the curvilinear assets of the actress.

Melanie Griffith whose husband sang “Al otro lado del rio” with the accompaniment of the best electric guitarist (Santana) wore a Versace gown with a sheer back panel.

There’s no doubt that Tinseltown was abuzz with all the parties, Governor’s Balls and receptions.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Help, Help! Can Armani, Gucci and Versace Save Michael Jackson From Jurors' Furor?

The star of Michael Jackson is on trial. His persona is being looked into by the judge, sheriff, district attorney and jurors. But his sartorial style continues to turn heads.

On day 1 of his trial, he wore a white three-piece suit with lots of jeweled baubles at the waist and a gold armband.

What does he wear on Day 2? Being the king of Pop, Michael may think he is not a common man before the law. There is no white shirt and black suit for him. he wears a black suit and a red shirt with a choker pendant, a brocade vest and a royal crest.

What Michael Jackson will find out is that the court is not a music video scene. Jurors will look at his clothes to get a peak at his personality. Will his theatrical clothing affect jurors' perceptions?

Maybe not. Everyone who sits on the jury may have known about Michael Jackson before. The guy just likes weird outfits. They may not determine his guilt or innocence either. Jurors will have to consider the evidence presented by the prosecutor.

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Lady Bulldogs Coach, Stacy Johson-Klein,
Suspended and Under Fire

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Fresno State Needs A Nicely Dressed Coach
Who Will Catch Fans' Attention

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ABC30 Local News, KSEE24

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